A “team is a group of people who are independent with respect to information, resources, and skills and who seek to combine their efforts to achieve a common goal”. Team members are put together for the purpose of making each member contribute to the accomplishment of a definite objective by doing a definite role. In corporate business parlance, “team building ideas is a general term that refers to various activities that a team manager uses to enhance the interpersonal relations of members and to clearly delineate the respective role of each member.

A new team is like a new car. An “Ice breaking activity is similar to breaking-in a new car. A new team is like a new car that you need to break-in before driving it in the best or most favorable way. Team building is a continuing process that starts with the breaking of barriers among members of a new team; this would make the members get along well with each other and encourages a member to gravitate towards the team in the long run.

“Tell Them my Name” is an ideal game in orientation seminars for new recruits or hen weekends. This fun-filled game could be a hilarious substitute for the drab- “introduce yourself”- part of the seminar. The game starts with the first participant in the first row whispering his name to the next person. The whispering cycle goes on until the last participant had whispered to the first. Thereafter, the training team will randomly ask any participant the name of the person who whispered to him. When a participant fails to remember or incorrectly say the name of the person who whispered to him, the trainer will call for an applause until he speaks the correct name. This game will be repeated in the next session. Announce that bad memory will entail “punishment” to encourage the participants to move around talking to each other after the break.

A modified version of that same game can later be used by the team handlers when the newly trained team will go to work. At the start of the working day, the first to arrive in the office will say “Good to see you!” to the person who comes after him. The cycle will go on until the last member arrives. The last must be able to tell the first to arrive exactly:“Good to see you!” This is a communication building exercise that can further be customized to suit your team.

When smooth interpersonal relationship shows signs of taking place in the team, a brief game to test and improve team work would already be helpful. This game can be modified to suit any team or stag weekend. This is called “Fire Drill” because the members are supposed to move out of the office as one team. This game intends to remind the members that they belong to a team before going home. The game needs a number of crossword puzzles or Rubik’s cubes. Each team member would be required to solve a puzzle inside the office. The team members may help each other or exchange puzzles if necessary. The team must solve all the puzzles before they would be allowed to leave as a group.

The above activities may not be as exciting as an excursion to a scenic spot but these do not entail high cost and unnecessary risks. Also, the games are easy, fun-filled, could modified and done in conjunction with other games.