Team Building Activity

Tough times don’t last, but tough teams do. The best way to bring out the best in your team’s toughness is through friendly competition. Competitions should be strategic and fun. Working with people you are comfortable with always makes a difference in the quality of the output. You would like to avoid tensions as much as you can. Breaking the ice through laughter and fun can boost everyone’s spirit. And, eventually, foster team spirit.

One of the best games played by all ages is Jenga. The great thing about this game is that you can bring it anywhere and everyone of all ages will surely enjoy.

Tool needed: Jenga game.

The mechanics are straightforward:

  1. Create a tower using the blocks.
  2. Each member will take a turn pulling the blocks from the tower. They need to place the same block at the topmost part of the tower. The more creative it was positioned, the better. Doing it this way will make the game more exciting and challenging.
  3. The player who topples the tower while pulling out the block loses.
  4. Bonus: you can implement a small punishment to the loser.

The game will bring out the kid in every adult. No special skills needed. All you need is a steady hand and tons of luck.

Taking up the Jenga game up a notch, you can play packaging box pull-outs. Running Man, a Korean variety program introduced this game to the public on one of their episodes.

Tools needed: Large boxes.

How to play: This game uses large boxes instead of the store-bought Jenga game.

  1. The mechanics of this game includes starts with stacking the boxes together.
  2. Each team member takes turns in pulling one box from the pile without breaking the stacks.
  3. The person who breaks down the pile of boxes loses the game.

Whether it be the small or large scale Jenga, these games will put a smile on the team member’s faces. The memories they shared will keep them bonded together as one team through tough times.